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Things need to know about WordPress plugins

In fact, “plugin” may be popular and familiar with industry insiders, but it can be strange for others. WordPress plugins are part of software including a group of functions which can be plugged into a WordPress website.

For people haven’t known, PHP programming language is often used to write WordPress plugins. Moreover, they integrate seamlessly with WordPress. You can understand that WordPress plugins are the same as apps you used on your smartphone. Exactly they allow you to add functionality and new features to your WordPress website.

And this gives you to make almost any kind of website with WordPress (not just blogs).

For instance, you can:

Try on an online store with WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin.

Start a job board with WordPress using the Job Manager plugin.

The pandemic suddenly happens that impacts badly on the world, but at the same time creates new chances. Online activities are boosted which need to apply different themes. So, LearnPress for learning course is one of them.

WordPress plugins for online courses LearnPress theme bundle

LearnPress theme is one of the best WordPress themes for education that you should prioritize choosing. What’s more, LearnPress is always ranked high on the top of WordPress LMS plugins by virtue of a free WordPress plugin.

Education plays an important role in the development of the society. And bolstering online courses can create a convenience for anyone to access a higher education. You may start a Climate Change course, Chinese, French and so on from famous universities in the world. The advance of technology generates a large usefulness.

Have you heard Eduma before? Eduma is a very hot education WordPress theme and still using this plugin that integrates with WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, and Bootstrap. They contribute to creating lessons or quizzes with unique demos.

LearnPress Premium Add-ons Bundle WordPress plugins LMS

Based on Learnpress theme, LearnPress Premium add-on Bundle is not different from LearnPress add-on bundle. By all means, it is on the pro level.

LearnPress add-on bundle has the same benefits as managing your online course perfectly from making lesson, course and quiz to creating hint and description for quiz. In LearnPress Pro Add-ons bundle, you can do all and so much more.

It can provide unlimited features to make your online course supremely well. I have ever seen an only course need to have: content order, certificate or Instruction. Thus, Pro version allow you to promote that you want.

What about the payment of online course? Don’t worry because Thimpress team had solutions for it to satisfy you. You will get detailed direction to convert your currency.

So, what is the outstanding point of Pro version? Only premium ver has assignment add-on and announcement add-on for LearnPress. It is widely claimed that two functions are very necessary for your course.

Tasks for student are the best way to practice lessons and assist them remember longer. Also, using announcement add-on is to update news and notification quickly.

Let’s up your theme to possess the best optimum features!

Assignment add-on for LearnPress WordPress plugins online courses

learnpress assignment add-on

As introducing previously, assignment add-on is a feature of LearnPress Premium Bundle. And It is so convenient and relevant for your course.

It will be not wrong if your course contains not only lessons but also tasks and essays. You do not have difficulty in grading your students or sending messages to remind deadlines. Assignment add-on will solve all problems for you.

This plugin is extremely useful. You are not disappointed or embarrassed because Assignment add-on instructs very specifically. Both students and instructor manipulation are described in detail.

WordPress plugins tutorial WooCommerce add-on for LearnPress

In common, WooCommerce will conduct the element as transaction unless another payment gateway is feasible. Sometimes, you have to wonder if students are from various countries.

With WooCommerce add-on, you will be figured out how it work. After linking LearnPress payment with WooCommerce Payment Gateways, transactional activities come about quickly and flexibly.

Now, people tend to be a modern living style, so we exchange card or online payment. Therefore, WooCommerce change to be suitable for your currency. Moreover, it is also comfortable for your students or creating coupons.

Don’t hesitate, let’s experience this plugin. It supports how to use as well as install payment the right way.

Student list add-on for LearnPress

learnpress student list add-on

A part may be small, but significant. Student list add-on for LearnPress permits you to control the number of people of your course together with know the quantity of students enrolled. Found on this figure, you will recover if your course is attractive, hot, more considerable or not.

Focus on both front-end and back-end, you easily follow the process of students. The performance is not similar due to depending on theme you using. Certainly, it helps you attend the progress and maybe you have some change if it is imperative.

Gradebook add-on for LearnPress

learnpress gread book add-on

If student list add-on is used by instructors, Gradebook add-on is a plugin for student. This plugin allows students follow their process. Specially, they realize what they have learnt or deadlines might be not completed.

What’s more, the same as WordPress plugins of LearnPress, you will get full guidance. And to do all best featured, you can invest a little bit. However, over 10000 customers applied the plugins of LearnPress, this investment will not inaccurate.

LearnPress Mobile App – React Native LMS app for iOS & Android

Eduma Mobile App
If you already have an LMS website using LearnPress and want to build another LMS mobile app, LearnPress Mobile App is what you need. In-app purchase is an important feature which helps you sell your courses online. Also, with React Native technology, your app is guarantee to run fast and smoothly.


To create an online course, apart from good contents, beautiful theme, plugins are very importance. LearnPress add-on bundle from WordPress plugins taking in Assignment add-on, Content Drip add-on, Paid Membership add-on or Frontend Editor add-on is a choice of many themes to make online courses thoroughly. With responsive functions, you can optimize your course that you can’t concern the small things.

Find out LearnPress carefully and try on it!

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